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Friday afternoon I caught the bus down to Hobart. I didn't see a point in getting up first thing in the morning to catch a bus when I didn't have to be there in the evening, and there was a Redline bus going down at lunch time. What I forgot was I don't like going to Hobart on Redline. Coming back is OK but going down I don't like. Anyway, I got down there after 5 pm and went to the Alabama Hotel to meet Joee.


It's a new hotel. "Budget Boutique" is how they describe themselves, and they have pink flamingo lights in the stairwell.

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Hobart's Tasman Bridge from a slighty different angle. I did post these at the time (2006) but I like them :)


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Too tired to edit lots of photos tonight so here are some I already had prepared :) Taken from Bellerive (Kangaroo Bluff).


That shows how the Mountain dominates the landscape, all dark and brooding there too, and the little city huddled at the bottom. Also if you look closely, you can see Europa arriving (a Dutch sail training ship/restored barque who I'll putting up photos of soon).


And that would be Lord Nelson, a British ship built to "enable people of all physical abilities to sail side-by-side as equals". (Third on my list of photos to put up.)
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A lot of photos again, but mostly from the market so you can skip them, or skip the whole thing. Whatever :)


So we checked out of hotel, left bags behind their counter and headed down to Salamanca Market.

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Lots of photos again, but I cut it down from 160 and couldn't delete any more, because there's a lot of cold ones, I mean cool. Also, some nudity, from a distance.


Good morning! It is morning. If it was night, the hotel would be open.

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Mostly photos because I don't feel like writing anything. Nothing exciting.


That blue line is doing weird things.

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There's a cool photo in this post. Literally cool. It was, according to the BOM, 1.8oC. I don't know if that's right, but my hand (I had to take glove off to take photos) was numb from cold. So cool photo :)


So, in our last instalment we were just the Skywhale at the Regatta Grounds and heading across the waterfront in search of food and a bus.

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Day 1: Afternoon
Day 1: Evening
Day 1: Night
Day 2: Morning
Day 2: Afternoon

ETWA (Whale Appearance Time) is 5-7 pm, so we head out just after 4 pm to check if Zee is working and to see Spectra being lit. Yeah, at the same time. It happens with third-person plural.


4.34 pm when I took this photo. It gets dark early, and today is the Winter Solstice.

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Day 1: Afternoon
Day 1: Evening
Day 1: Night
Day 2: Morning

Need to finish my trip reports before I forget all the little bits. So, during the last instalment, we looked left the recycled art exhibition and had a Devonshire tea at the 24 hour bakery. After this break, we went in search of Antartic tents.

Antarctic tents aren't that easy to find, and required going back to the arts centre to ask the helpful girl there if she knew where they were. She did.

Tents 1

So Antractic tents, with a voice repeating statements starting with the phonetic/spelling alphabet.

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Day 1: Afternoon
Day 1: Evening
Day 1: Night

A lot of photos this time, but I couldn't bring myself to delete any more. Nothing particularly exciting but just lots of little, well, you'll see :)


Morning! And a foggy morning it is too.

The first item on today's itinerary is to go whale-hunting, in search of the Sky Whale that is being launched from 8-10 am. The program says Parliament House lawns. Accounts of previous launches say Regatta Grounds. These are on either side of the city :)

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Day 1: Afternoon
Day 1: Evening

Some cool photos now. Or photos of cool things. Photos just can't capture something things. Things you probably haven't seen before, unless you were in Hobart recently, and even then there's a couple not many saw because they didn't go down to look.

Not many words tonight. It's mostly about looking.

Bond store

So we headed out to find the source of the blue beam, out on the Regatta Ground (on the edge of the city centre, just before the river). But on the way we passed the museum, where the Bond Store was open until 10 pm. So we went in, down to the basement to see what was hiding down there. You won't guess, unless you've seen it :)

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Day 1: Afternoon


Dark Mofo is a project by Mona (and we do know what Mona is, right?), a winter festival to "celebrate the dark through large-scale public art, food, music, light and noise" that ran from 13-23 June, over the winter solstice.

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Trip report, for our trip to Hobart last week for an arts festival. It's just looking at art work and museum exhibits and stuff. Nothing interesting. Also very long, because I took lots of photos. So nothing here.

Museum - entrance

See, hotel room. Boring.

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The end of the parade of sail, because I missed most of it even though I went down early, and camera decided it was too hard to take photos, so I gave in and put it on Automatic, which isn't a mode I usually use but sometimes it's just not worth fighting about.

I don't think they need captions, although I'll name the usual suspects. Also, the better photos (and my little movie) are towards the end.

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For all the tall ships that come and go through the harbour, getting a photo of them in full sail has always been a tad difficult. Once they get close enough to the waterfront to photograph, they're motoring with no sails. So you might understand why I love this photo :)

Enterprize on the Derwent.
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Remains of Otago and Westralian in Otago Bay.

The nearby plaque says

"Joseph CONRAD (Józelf Teodor Konrad KORZENIOWSKI, 1857-1924) was a polish-born writer and Mariner who became one of the greatest novelists in the English Language. Among his best known were "LORD JIM", "NOSTROMO" and "THE SHADOW LINE", actually written around the barque "OTAGO" which he commanded in 1888."

"The 367 tonne, 44.8m long "OTAGO" was built in Glasgow in 1869 and after sailing the high seas under various commands, including Conrad, was cut down and brought from Sydeny to Hobart about 1900 where she became a coal hulk on the Derwent for more than 20 years.

"In 1931 she was sold at auction at a Mr. H. Dodge and taken to this sit where she was later broke up, some sections being sold as scrap iron to Japan."
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Some photos from Hobart the other day, mostly of Taste of Tasmania and yachts, with a couple of others to pad it out.

We went in when the Taste opened (as in, we had to wait for a few minutes for them to open the gates) on the first day. For a very short time, it was not that busy, and there were empty tables.

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This is taken from the Tasmanian Almanack, 1825. I like Almanacks, they have lots of lists and numbers, and I like this one because it counts as writing research, which is why I post bits from it here, so I can find them later. The list that interests me right now is a page of the significant buildings in the town (15 of them). I also have a street map from the same time with buildings marked on it. These should correspond. Also there's a picture:

Hobart 1825 part of series that form a panorama, by Augustus Earle.

So the list is:

  1. New Government House, Macquarie St, fronting Elizabeth St.

    Map puts it in (present day) Franklin Square. From memory, the present route of Elizabeth St runs through the site of the house. So "fronting Elizabeth St" seems you open the front door and look down Elizabeth St rather than being ON the street?

  2. Supreme Court House containing civil and criminal courts, Murray St

    Map has it on the corner of Murray and Macquarie St, which puts it in the complex of sandstone buildings at the end of Franklin Square, so that's right.

  3. New County Gaol, opposite court house.

    Not on map, but that is this place on Murray St, between Macquarie & Davey Sts. Oh, and there are plans, never know when you might need plans for the gaol. Three linkies there.

  4. New Military Barracks, upper end of Davey St

    That's Anglesea Barracks

  5. Guard House, Macquarie St

    Not on map. Have pictures of a guard house in Macquarie St, and plans of a guard house, cnr Macquarie & Elizabeths Sts, but they are from later.

  6. New Government Stores, Kings Wharf
  7. Old Kings Stores, Macquarie St

    This is fun. Map has commissariat stores on Macqaurie St, where Argyle St intersects, which is the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery site. The Commissariat and Bond Store buildings on the TMAG site were built (I'm sure they used that on their website) were built 1808/10 and 1824. So is that old and new stores, or both old stores? I'm not sure where Kings Wharf is on the old coastline. *makes a note*

  8. New Colonial Hospital, Collins St, entrance on Liverpool St.

    That's the Royal Hobart Hospital site.

  9. New Penitentiary/Prisoners Barracks, Campbell St

    That would be the barracks/gaol that used to be here. Map (I think, numbers is hard to read) has penitentiary further along Argyle St. Not sure what that's about.

  10. Female Factory, right side of gaol

    On the gaol site.


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