Graphics tablets that are NOT Wacom?

Oct. 4th, 2017 03:35 pm
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For now, my tablet - which is somewhat scratched up (my fault) will do. But at some point in the future I will definitely want to replace it, and after the events of the past few days I definitely don't want to do business with Wacom again if I can avoid it.

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And even if I had been told it at the time that my software would expire, two years is a long time, and it would have been good customer service from Wacom to a) PUT THIS ON THE BLOODY ORDER CONFIRMATION and b) e-mail me ahead of the time, saying 'your software is about to expire, we hope you have enjoyed it so far, here's something to entice you to give us more money'.

That would have made me a slightly grumpy customer, but overall not an unhappy one.

As it is, their snotty 'not our problem, we don't care' attitude, even if it legitimately turns out to be 'we hid this in the small print' (I maintain they did not at the time) has turned me from 'I like my Wacom tablet, I would totally buy another one, I may do it soon' to 'NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE I will not give them another penny if I can possibly avoid it'. I expect good customer service to

- provide proof in the shape of store listing, not advertising copy, much less mis-dated advertising copy
- take note where and how they have messed up the opportunity to inform/remind customers of this limitation so it won't happen again
- at least apologise for not making this issue clearer, and for causing inconvenience
- make a symbolic gesture if their incompetence is causing a customer considerable costs (£40 software compared to a £80 tablet). A £20 voucher for their store would not solve this, but would have tipped me over from 'I buy the software outright' to 'I buy an new tablet with another 2 year licence')

And I am definitely (a girl can dream) considering an iPadPro in place of a Cintic.

This leaves me with looking at other graphics tablets until such time when I can afford that; and I'm hoping that someone has experience with other makes, since most of the ones I've seen seem to be Windows-only.

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