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From Government Cottage, looking along the garden path.

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So, leaving Orford and heading towards Sorell. (Exciting! See! I used !)

Before we left on our trip, we had some discussion about the itinerary. We ended up with:
Day 1: travel down, stopping at various places.
Day 2: Maria Island.
Day 4: come home, stopping at various places.

You might notice a slight of lack of things planned for Day 3. Well, I said, we could visit the church at Buckland. *laugh* See, when you look at a map of the area and there's always a marker at Buckland "Church" and it is the next town on from Orford, where we thought we were staying (the resort is actually closer to Triabunna but it's advertised as being at Orford).

I picked up the tourist information leaflets mother had for the Orford area and turned to the Things To Do page, and according to that page we could, um, visit the church at Buckland. That was it. Seriously. For a full page, yt had Maria Island, a nearby state forest and a couple of beaches.

We decided we'd wait and see what we felt like, and probably go to Sorell, through Buckland.

So, leaving Orford and heading towards Sorell. (Exciting remember!)

South 1

As I said before, when the highway (which is--checks map-- still the A3 Tasman Hwy) leaves Orford it runs inland along the Prosser river.
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Out West

Jun. 8th, 2009 09:18 pm
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I want to go on a trip, but can't really, so it'll have to be a virtual trip. The good thing about them, is everyone else can come too!

When we were kids, before the new Bass Highway was built, the trip out to Deloraine would take fifty minutes, or longer if the traffic was held up be a slow car or farm vehicle. Then the traffic would build up into a long snake winding back further than we could see when we twisted around to look out the back window.

Along the fifty kilometre stretch between Launceston and Deloraine there are five towns, Hadspen, Carrick, Hagley, Westbury and Exton. Each town originated a coach stop on the road west, or so we were told. I don't know if that's true, but this is the old coaching inn at Hadspen.

Red Feather Inn

The Red Feather inn, built in the 1840s. At the time I took this photo, November 2006, it looks like it has fallen out of use, but according to the website it was refurbished and reopened late in 2008.

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Slight detour to church.


St John
The Evangelist
Catholic Church
Australia's Oldest Existing
Catholic Church
1st & 3rd Sunday
of the month 8.30am
2nd, 4th & 5th Sunday
of the month 11am

It's fairly typical country town church, and not really all that interesting as these things go, but still I have photos so photos get shown. (Actually, I usually don't bother with the church photos, maybe I might do some more.)

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We look at this side of the building today. Note the building on the left that looks like a two-storey house, the very enclosed yard and the cut-off wall on the right.

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We're doing the gaol thing again, sort of. An associated chapel anyway. That is, it was built as a chapel but for most of its life, only part of it was a chapel.

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St Johns

Oct. 4th, 2008 11:00 am
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St Johns

St Johns Church of England, Launceston

Yah, I can get photos off card again
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Another new post card. On the back is a short letter dated "21-9-08". The image on the front is rather interesting though.

Yes, it's a view of the church at Port Arthur, possibly the most common image found on Tasmanian postcards, even more than Mt Wellington. It's one of those images that's you see too often and it doesn't change, so you don't even pause to look at it. *yawn* Just flick to the next one.

So what made me buy this?

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Nov. 1st, 2006 06:00 pm
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This is where I went today
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