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For something different, some postcards of Buddhist temples in Kyoto.

The cards are about a hundred years old, give or take a decade, and they're showing they're age but they might be of interest. I included some links to more information/photos as they are now.

. I like looking at the little people around the edges.

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Raiding my postcard collection today, to provide a quick trip into the past.

Around the turn of the last century, these huts were built on the lower slopes of Mt Wellington. Not your usual utilitarian mountain hut though. These were creations of some fancy, and inhabited by ladies and gentleman of leisure.

Clematis Hut

That's Clematis Hut, in amongst the gum trees and tree ferns. I'll do a close-up

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Last time I was in Hobart, I thought I'd try to get some "Now" photos to match some of my older postcards. No, not the lighthouse one, it's a bit hard to get to I didn't have that one then.

I ran into a couple of problems though. First, I had a printout of the postcards (didn't want to drag the originals around) to use for comparison, which I had in by bag, which I checked in early at the bus depot so I wouldn't have to lug it about...

So I thought I'd try a few photos around the right area and see if anything came close once I got home.

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Sep. 19th, 2008 06:44 pm
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Found in these in a pile of postcards I have. Took a while to find what they were though :(

POMPEI - Strada Domiziario e Port Ercolano

Water fountain at the insection along Via Consolare, which leads to the Herculaneum Gate (Porta di Ercolano). I think it's Vicolo di Narciso on the right, but can't confirm it. Newer photo

Arco di Trionfo e foro

The Arco Onorario (Honour Arch?) that seems to lead to the Forum.
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Another new post card. On the back is a short letter dated "21-9-08". The image on the front is rather interesting though.

Yes, it's a view of the church at Port Arthur, possibly the most common image found on Tasmanian postcards, even more than Mt Wellington. It's one of those images that's you see too often and it doesn't change, so you don't even pause to look at it. *yawn* Just flick to the next one.

So what made me buy this?

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My latest postcard acquisition.

Iron Pot Lighthouse in the Derwent

The Iron Pot is a chunk of rock at the mouth of the Derwent. The lighthouse "is significant for several reasons. It was the first lighthouse built in Tasmania, it is the second oldest lighthouse built in Australia, it is the oldest original tower in Australia, it was the first to utilise a locally made optic, and was the first Australian lighthouse to use solar power."

From Lighthouses of Australia which has more pictures and information about the island, like the gold rush of 1862.

So the big house was built about 1885 (two storey so there was room for it) and demolished about 1921. This postcard is probably about 1910, as it's similar to others I have that are dated.

As it is now:

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Boutique au coin des Halles avant et pendant la guerre.
Shop at the corner of the Halles, before and during the war.

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May. 4th, 2008 05:05 pm
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Looking through my postcards & photos and wondering what, or if, to post next. There are a lot of street scenes and townscapes, mostly British, some French, Japanese, other places. Some World War I photos, mostly German. Some of dogs. Some local views, that I want to do a Then & Now thing with.

Any requests :)
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Graf Zeppelin over Friedrichshafen, where it was built.

Probably the most successful of the German airships, the Graf Zeppelin operated a passenger service between 1928 and 1937. In 1920 it circumnavigating the globe in 3 week, including the first non-stop flight over the Pacific.

In this time between wars, the battle between airships and airplanes over who would dominate passenger services still hadn't been decided. The zeppelins were slow, but could carry passengers further, and in luxury that the small, noisy planes couldn't match.
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le zeppelin abattu

Le Zeppelin abattu a Compiegne 17 Mars 1917

From New York Times:

French Anti-Aircraft Guns Reach Raider at a Height of More Than Two Miles.
Crew, After Being Hit, Throw Over Bombs, Which Fail to Explode
Some of the Crew Jump to Death

PARIS, March 17 -- A Zeppelin, which probably participated in the attack on London last night, was brought down by anti-aircraft guns near Compiegne, about thirty miles from Paris, at 5.30 this morning on the return flight to its base. The giant airship, which was flying at a height of more than two miles, was sighted before dawn, and the defense guns were put into action immediately. The dirigible was hit soon after being located, and, after bursting into flame, fell swiftly to the ground. All of the crew were lost.
(Rest of news story, although you have to log-in).

From end of the article:

London Announcement on Raid
LONDON, March 17 -- The air raid last night was the first visit of Zeppelins in many months, and it seemed to have been expected, as it failed to cause any excitment, even amongst the homegoing theatregoes. The raiders were favored by a dark and moonless night.

War Ships

Apr. 9th, 2008 09:43 pm
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The Low Down Thing

"The Low Down Thing That Plays The Low Down Game"

I bought this card for the caption as much as anything.

Posted in Kent, 14 December 1916. Now, I wonder if it's possible to identify which low down thing it is.


Apr. 4th, 2008 08:50 pm
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Bookseller, Paris

Les Petits Tableaux de Paris
A book-seller at the Quai Montebello, Notre-Dame
(click for larger version)

I was trying to work out which of my old photos/postcards are in public domain in the US. I'm sure they deliberately write these things so people trying to make sense of them just give up.

As far I can work out, published prior to 1923 is public domain, published 1923-1977 but not published/registered in USA depends on the status in the country of origin in 1996. *oh dear*


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