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Is the one I took the user pic from

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I like taking photos of the showjumping because horses look weird in mid-jump. So, some horses jumping.


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There's three different dogs here. The sheep seemed particularly stroppy. We decided either they were sneaking the same three sheep around and reusing them each time, or they go around during the year searching farms for difficult sheep.

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Every time I go from home to the city centre, or the other way, I go over Kings Bridge or the overpass that runs beside it, so I have to look at this. Terrible, I know.


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Aug. 21st, 2013 05:21 pm
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Some photos from Agfest back in May. Agfest is a big agricultural exhibition held every year. It has a Wikipedia page which says "It has grown to the state's largest single event and attracts up to 70,000 visitors during three days in May each year at the 200-acre (80 ha) site in rural Carrick." (And quick quiz after reading that page: what year was Agfest first held?) It uses a very broad definition of agriculture that includes caravans, bathrooms and a tram.

This is the first lot of photos. No particular order.


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Another visit to TMAG (Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery). Upstairs this time.


This gallery didn't seem to have any unifying theme. The first couple of cabinets have art objects them in but then

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The Avoca Information Centre opened recently in what used to be a two-room school. That is, two classrooms with a lean-to/hall alongside the side. When we down there in July, I took some photos inside in case anyone wondered what it looks like inside :)


First though, a photo from 2000 when it was empty.

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December 2009


December 2011
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I don't appear to have posted these.


HMAS Sydney, guided missile frigate, was in Hobart during the weekend of Wooden Boat Festival. It's the fourth ship to carry that name and if I can find the web page, you can go and look at the important information

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This is a two part post :)

When the National Trust obtained Clarendon homestead in the 1960s, it came with just a few acres of land which didn't include most of the farm buildings. The extra land and buildings, including the woolshed, were added in the 1980s. I think the middle of the decade. (*pokes Google, doesn't help*) I do remember an open day at the time--maybe to show off the new additions, maybe the annual open day--which included a shearing demonstration in the woolshed.

I'm not sure what was done with the building after that. I don't remember it being open to the visiting public. (The Trust lacked the funds to develop it.) Certainly when I took these photos, it wasn't open. (The manager at the time told me to go where I wanted (and there are keys to the coach house) so I did.)


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