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I went into town to have a look at the Tamar River. It had obviously dropped from its peak (at 8 am, three hours earlier, but the debris marked where it had been.

Photo 2

The thing that struck me was the lack of boats.

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Bell Bay

Sep. 11th, 2008 02:26 pm
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In the interests of balanced reporting :)

These are the photos I have of Bell Bay, the big industrial area near the mouth of the Tamar. First is taken from Beauty Point, the resort town on the other side of the river; the second is from the West Tamar Highway.

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Last one :)

Beauty Point developed as a port for Beaconsfield. It's seen a resurgence lately with developments like Seahorse World. The pub got upgraded to a swanky drinking place, which is where the first three photos are taken from.

Beauty Point

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Gold was discovered at Brandy Creek in the 1870s, and it wasn't long before a substantial town, renamed to Beaconsfield, grew up. It was said to one of the biggest in the state at one stage. According to Town With a History, by Coultman Smith, in 1899, the population was "2,699, with 7 hotels, eight boarding houses, five bakers, four blacksmiths, two doctors, two watchmakers, a solicitor, a tailor, 15 general stores, six greengrocers, five drapers, a state school, and four private schools."

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Exeter is about halfway along the West Tamar Highway, in away from the river. It provides services for the surrounding area and smaller towns.

A few quick photos, including the obligatory dog on the back of a ute outside the shops.


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Gravelly Beach, is another small riverside town.

These places have a lot of houses for the size of the town. They are close enough to Launceston that most people would go there for shopping and other services, or nearby Exeter for quick visits.

As you come into Gravelly Beach from the north, there's a long section along the river with newer houses, then the older ones and then this little shopping centre, if you can call it that.

Gravelly Beach

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On the long weekend just been, we went up to Deviot because there were a bunch of open gardens and a little market.

Tamar River, Deviot

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The Low Head lighthouse was built in 1888, replacing a 50 year old dilapidated tower.

The original tower was designed by Colonial Architect John Lee Archer, who was responsible for many public buildings in the colonies, including Parliament House, Ross Bridge, the King's Orphanage and the
Penitentiary Chapel

Painting showing the original tower

I won't include any comments. If you want to know more about the lighthouse, have a look at Lighthouses of Australia. For the buildings on the site (the tower and the older cottage), there's some information in the Australian Heritage Database.

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Dropped by Royal Park again this morning and took some photos. No sun today. Or rain, either. Yet. Hopefully.

Not very good light for 'across the river' photos but I'll include a couple.
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Plan today was simple:

I was going up to the Gorge to get some photos to fill in the gaps in the webpages I'm doing. Camera was recharged. Card was empty. I was going to get off the bus in the city and either walk up Paterson St, or catch one of the buses the went up that. Although, on the way in, I thought I could get off near the Old Seaport and walk up through Royal Park, just on the off chance that there was something different to see. Ha ha.

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