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Day 2, Evening

Camera went flat while we were waiting for train back to city so no photos. Not that much happened, because we were all tired and sore.

Back in the city, I sent sister off in the general direction of burger/takeaway places and went to find the T2 shop. Their website said Bourke St and Little Collins St, which was a bit confusing, but turned out to be a shopping centre that had it's main entrance on Bourke St but the shop I wanted was on Little Collins. Being just a block and a half up from the hotel, this would have been good if I hadn't walked all the way down to find it and then had to back track up three blocks to find something to eat. Some spicy Thai stuff that was nice but there was no way I could eat it all.

Back at the hotel, sister and kids had obviously found the burger place and returned safely. Which was good. So we settled in for the night (except where I ducked down in fluffy socks and track pants to post postcard in hotel foyer, didn't think I made the pickup time but 3 days later it was delivered to the address in a village in the north of England. 3 days?) and that should have been it.

But we wanted to head down to the river to catch the light show. Fortunately we had our tram tickets because we didn't need to walk any further (hurt).


Haven't we been here before?

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I have a lot of photos here. So I stopped to think about why I'm putting them up. It's certainly not to impress you with my really cool photos of wild animals, although I rather like the elephant photos, and the lion one, but overall, you know... Then I remembered: so we can remember what we did when we visited there! (Also, because you can't have too many photos of cats, even wild ones.)

Day 2, Zoo


The first thing was to do was to prioritise the exhibits. What did we each what to particularly see? That was easy:

Penguins, seals, tigers and elephants.
"And the butterfly house."
"Of course. And they have a good orangutan display."
*consult map* The seals and penguins are on the same "island", and one of the loop paths goes past the tigers, the butterflies, the elephants and the orangutans. So ...
"Let's go there and then there, and then the big cats afterwards."
"And then the free flight aviary if we feel up to it."
"And the platypus."
(And after walking past the reptile house.) "The crocodiles too, but they're on the way out."
And that's what we did.
Sort of.

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I cut this bit off from the rest so they didn't get too long. Well, that was the intention. Just imagine how long they could have been!

Day 2, Midday


When we left the Aquarium it wasn't raining any more. There was a tram at the stop immediately opposite where we came out. I didn't think we had a chance of getting across the road but it waited for us.

Although we only took it one block up the road, for a quick detour on the way to the train.

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I'll put the zoo animals in their own post, but as a starter, what are these?
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Day 2, Aquarium

Been here before but that doesn't matter because that day I was cranky and sick


and penguins are always cool. So are sharks and other weird fishy things. All good.

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I need to get these done before I forget details

Day 2, Morning

The plan this morning was to get up reasonably early and, there being little open then, head over to Fitzroy Gardens and see if there was anything there to look at.

"Gardens are borrrring."
"Yesterday you said the museum was boring."
"But I didn't know better then."


Too early to be out of bed! Well, not really. I just trying to get the sun coming up behind the buildings effect.

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Day 1, Afternoon

Out window

There, it's just after noon. Sister's itinerary requires us to be at the museum at 1 pm. So we're on time. After lunch, we did a bit of a detour to look inside the Shot Tower but the A/V presentation wasn't working. Does it ever work?

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This is a combination travel journal for the benefit of those who went, trip account for friends & family who wonder where we went and collection of Melbourne photos for those who like such things.

So it's long :)

Day 1, Morning


Waiting at Launceston airport, but camera thought it was too early to take photos. Sensible camera. That is actually looking through the glass entryway to outside, but it's reflecting the departure lounge. That means I couldn't take a photo of our plane.

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I ended up not getting many photos at Worldcon, and less that could be considered "good", so I shall bulk it out with photos of the convention centre get them out of the way first.

Convention Centre

Melbourne Convention Centre.

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Last day, and plane leaves at 12.25 pm. Plan to get there half an hour beforehand. Allow half an hour for the Sky Bus. So I have to leave the city somewhere between 11 and 11.30.

That leaves time for one last quick visit.

Before I left, I made a point of checking online for any little museums and things in Melbourne. That is how I found the Chinese one. There were a couple of places I either didn't feel inclined to visit or they were too far out of the city centre. This is one that didn't come up though.


The Lots of Glass and Reflections Museum The Victoria Police Museum. I came across a mention of it in one of my brochures. That was all. It did appear on the map I pulled out of the Melbourne in Winter booklet on Saturday and lost on Sunday, as being in the World Trade Centre. I did a Google search during one of those internet cafes visit and found out it was open Monday - Friday, at 10 am. Hmm. It is just around the corner from Spencer St Southern Cross station, where the bus to airport leaves from.

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I woke up after half an hour, needing to drink, blow nose and go to bathroom. Half an hour later, I woke up again. This continued through to somewhere around midnight, when I managed to sleep for an hour and half. And then four hours! After which I gave up.

Today's plan was simple. Have a quick look about Victoria Market and get something to eat. Go to the Aquarium.


Strange non-falling-down new building.

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I'll add a note here, that many of these photos have been taken inside without a flash so they're not as sharp as I'd like, but then it's that or nothing :)


That's a plane :)

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