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Friday afternoon I caught the bus down to Hobart. I didn't see a point in getting up first thing in the morning to catch a bus when I didn't have to be there in the evening, and there was a Redline bus going down at lunch time. What I forgot was I don't like going to Hobart on Redline. Coming back is OK but going down I don't like. Anyway, I got down there after 5 pm and went to the Alabama Hotel to meet Joee.


It's a new hotel. "Budget Boutique" is how they describe themselves, and they have pink flamingo lights in the stairwell.

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Mostly photos because I don't feel like writing anything. Nothing exciting.


That blue line is doing weird things.

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There's a cool photo in this post. Literally cool. It was, according to the BOM, 1.8oC. I don't know if that's right, but my hand (I had to take glove off to take photos) was numb from cold. So cool photo :)


So, in our last instalment we were just the Skywhale at the Regatta Grounds and heading across the waterfront in search of food and a bus.

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Day 2, Evening

Camera went flat while we were waiting for train back to city so no photos. Not that much happened, because we were all tired and sore.

Back in the city, I sent sister off in the general direction of burger/takeaway places and went to find the T2 shop. Their website said Bourke St and Little Collins St, which was a bit confusing, but turned out to be a shopping centre that had it's main entrance on Bourke St but the shop I wanted was on Little Collins. Being just a block and a half up from the hotel, this would have been good if I hadn't walked all the way down to find it and then had to back track up three blocks to find something to eat. Some spicy Thai stuff that was nice but there was no way I could eat it all.

Back at the hotel, sister and kids had obviously found the burger place and returned safely. Which was good. So we settled in for the night (except where I ducked down in fluffy socks and track pants to post postcard in hotel foyer, didn't think I made the pickup time but 3 days later it was delivered to the address in a village in the north of England. 3 days?) and that should have been it.

But we wanted to head down to the river to catch the light show. Fortunately we had our tram tickets because we didn't need to walk any further (hurt).


Haven't we been here before?

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