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I don't appear to have posted these.


HMAS Sydney, guided missile frigate, was in Hobart during the weekend of Wooden Boat Festival. It's the fourth ship to carry that name and if I can find the web page, you can go and look at the important information

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The end of the parade of sail, because I missed most of it even though I went down early, and camera decided it was too hard to take photos, so I gave in and put it on Automatic, which isn't a mode I usually use but sometimes it's just not worth fighting about.

I don't think they need captions, although I'll name the usual suspects. Also, the better photos (and my little movie) are towards the end.

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Mar. 18th, 2011 07:19 pm
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I thought this might be of interest: parbuckling, used to load barrels (and other things) up a vertical slope, with a rope sling.

Photo 2

The ropes are looped over the ends of the barrel, with some help from the boot hook

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Mar. 12th, 2011 03:52 pm
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HMAS Parramatta, at the Wooden Boat Festival. I don't have a vertical photo to use but that isn't too wide?

Photo 9

The website is being screwy on me, so I'll type up a bit from the leaflet we were given.

"HMAS Parramatta is the fifth of eight ANZAC class frigates built for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) by Tenix Defence Systems, Williamstown, Victoria.

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No boats

Mar. 2nd, 2011 10:12 pm
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The reason I keep going back to the Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart isn't to do with wooden boats. I can get that every year in Launceston, and it doesn't cost me a thing. No, this is the reason.

Photo 3

So a short parade of the non-boats from the Wooden Boat Festival, which might be the last photo entry for a while because my connection drops out every time I upload more than one or two photos. It's happened every time but once so I don't think it's a coincidence.

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More Boats

Feb. 24th, 2011 09:58 pm
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Same as last time, but with less words because I'm tired.

Photo 15

There's a tent called the Shipwright's Village which had demonstrations of various skills (wrights should be the word to use there). This one is obviously showing how to make wood shavings more quickly.

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The Boats

Feb. 22nd, 2011 06:01 pm
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My plan for photos from the Wooden Boat Festival is to do two posts (of which this is the first) with a mixture of photos of things that I found interesting or that give a flavour of the event. To make it easier, the order of these photos is determined by the order they appear in the Gallery, unless there is a reason to put some in a particular order.

Then I'll do one posts of the various ships.

And then I'll do some focus on a particular boat/ship, until I get bored of them.

Photo 3

The second weekend in Hobart is the weekend of the Regatta, with a holiday on the Monday. It's also the weekend of the Hobart Cup (horse racing), and every second year, the Australian Wooden Boat Festival. Any one of those events obviously attracts many extra people into the city. All three at once... I haven't seen the final figures for the WBF attendance, but over 100,000 seems likely. If that doesn't sound like much, the population of Hobart is only twice that.

I've been to the Festival every year since, hmmm, I have a poster from 2001 advertising the Endeavour being there, so I went that year. I had thoughts this year of not bothering, there didn't seem to be anything new going on, but... this year there was no entry fee and they took down the fences. One big change as a result: in the past the event has been confined to one end of the waterfront (around Constitution Dock/Elizabeth St pier area), this year it was spread right across to Princes Wharf (adjoining Salamanca Place) and the edges sort of drifted out to the adjoining business premises.

Anyway, enough talking. Onto the photos.

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These are a sneak peak, and I'm not sure if there's much point to posting these. My first thought on looking at them is "I need a zoom lens", my second thought is "It really loses something when reduced to a photo". Because there is something very cool about waiting for the first masts and sails to appear, and then trying to pick out the individual ships from within the mass. And to think now that long ago, that harbour would have been full of such masts, although more on the size of the James Craig and larger.

If you do get a chance to watch a gathering of tall ships sail in, take it, even if it's just a handful like here. It is very cool :)

Lady Nelson

Unfortunately, the best I can offer today is a handful of small, greyish photos but at least there was some wind this year. I did link to the bigger photos for a couple of them.

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Last one :)


Lots to look at, of course, with displays of boats in all sizes and form, and other m marine & maritime topics; but also films to watch, music to listen to, thing for sale, and all manner of things to eat and drink. (We had fish & chips from one of the nearby floating fish shops, followed by a Derwent Clear Ale, which was rather nice. I bought it, came back and started to drink before I remembered I can't stand beer, usually.)

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JC Night

There are three areas with watercraft, plus a fourth part outside the boundary of the festival proper.

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The Hunter St area had two tents, with some smaller things around the edge. The endmost tent, shown here, had the Shipwrights Village (displays of maritime-related crafts) and a display of Indigenous Watercraft. The first tent had the Maritime Marketplace, which was crowded because of the rain and not as interesting as I remember it.

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I'm going to break my Wooden Boat Festival photos in three posts. There will probably be some duplication with photos I've already used.

  • On the water
  • Hunter St precinct
  • Off the water

    One problem here, is the tall ships present are all ones I've done long photo posts on before. While I have new photos of some, it doesn't seem worth doing a whole new post for each. While I ponder on it, when they get mentioned, I'll link to previous posts (as below).

    Before I get to the wooden boats proper, some of the water craft hanging around the edges....

    Enterprize, Young Endeavour and cruise ship Asuka II

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  • MV Cartela

    Feb. 11th, 2009 02:49 pm
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    MV Cartela was not something I expected to see amongst the wooden boats. She's a wooden boat, certainly, but she's usually she's further along the waterfront, behind the cruise ferry terminals.


    On the weekend, she seemed to be operating as a floating bar, so I went on for a look and was surprised by what I found.

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    I have photos from the Wooden Boat Festival last weekend to edit and write about, but it occurred to me I could just point you to here, here and here and save time. OK?
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    Windeward Bound is based in Hobart, a modern brigantine built in the 1990s, from 19th C plans (from memory, their website isn't being very helpful).

    Not a lot of photos this time.

    These first two are from a couple of days ago, at Taste of Tasmania/Summer Festival.

    Jan 2008

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    Looking over my web page, I realised I haven't done LJ entries to match all my tall ship photos. Shocking, I know!

    So, I am catching up now, starting with One And All, a sail training brigantine from South Australia.

    These photos were taken at the 2005 Wooden Boat Festival and the reason they weren't posted before is probably because they're not particularly good photos. The lighting was bad, and the One And All was a little overshadowed by James Craig


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    One set of photos I forgot to post from the Wooden Boat Festival. (By 'forgot' I mean I didn't get a good photo of the whole ship on the day, so I had to look through old ones to find one and I hadn't got around to it, and I also wanted to incorporate some of the information from the brochure, but I have no idea where it is and the website it helpfully uninformative, so you can make up your own words.)

    May Queen

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