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So this is the former gatekeeper/caretaker's cottage at the entrance to the Cataract Gorge, when you walk in from Paterson St/Kings Bridge. I think this is the most interesting photo of the lot, so you might as well not bother with the rest.

But they're here anyway )
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The Launceston Fire Station on a lovely, bleak rainy day. I have better photos. I should find one.

I was just going to put up the photos, because repeating what we were told seems rude, but then the photos look bare by themselves so I'll a few bits as I remember them.


As it says at the top, this building was constructed in 1938. About twenty years later it was "modernised" and the fa├žade covered over. It was reinstated fairly recently because people still talking about*.

Prior to the that, the station was in Brisbane St, apparently on a site that adjoins the current site**.

Inside )
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Two Masonic Centres. Camera didn't like either.

Launceston )
Oatlands )
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As I said in my first post, I've wondered for a while if this building was in use. It doesn't look like a building in use and the local Jewish community has a Chabad House elsewhere in the city that they sue, but it also doesn't look like a neglected building. Except for the unrepaired windows there.

So I got to find out.


I still haven't taken a better photo of the outside. This might be because of the constant rain in recent times, which has made me reluctant to take camera with me. It's a bit big to go into my pocket.

You will notice a lack of doors.

Door is along here )
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City Park Cottage

City Park Radio started in the 1970s operating out of the tech college, if I recall correctly.


I do know that in 1995 they were operating out of the former caretaker's cottage in the city park, and the studio was in the room up the top there, with cobbled together equipment gathered over the years and a program that only ran from 5 pm on weekdays. At the same time though, they were building new studios in the stables out the back, which is where they broadcast from now, 18 hours a day (on 103.7 FM).

A decade later, the studios aren't shiny and new anymore, but they're still purpose built.

Into the studio building )

I did find the little radio museum more interesting. It was never set up right when I was going there.

Old radios! )
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A couple of photos from inside the police station.

Interview room, with one-way mirror, that is also used as a line-up room. Here we find out lots of interesting things like, if an interviewee has a solicitor in, that solicitor cannot represent them in court, because they are involved in the case. And if there are translators involved, they instead use the (forgotten the name) charge room, which has audio & visual recording, and a speaker phone.

The shiny new fingerprinting scanning machine, which sends scans of prints straight to Canberra. It replaces the old prints on paper system, says our guide waving an example of such, that had to be sent down to Hobart and then scanned in. I seem to recall they only had access to a statewide database of prints too, but I was told that a while ago so I could easily be confusing it with something else.
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One hydro-power station.

Trevallyn Power Station was built 1955, and replaced Duck Reach. There's background information (and maps) on the Hydro's web site. It's managed by Hydro Tasmania A few years back, the state-owned HEC was broken up into 3 companies: the Hydro, who generate the power; Transend, who transmit it, and Aurora, who deal with the consumer side.


Trevallyn Lake & is on the South Esk river, just up from the gorge. I have some idea of going up to the dam one day to take photos, but the bus doesn't run particularly close.

The water comes down a combination of tunnel & pipe to the power station, where it's divided into four streams.

At which point, we reach the limit of my knowledge on hydro power generation :) This picture on the Hydro site helps though.

Let's go inside )
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The Launceston Rotary Club had a Doors Open Day today, with 20 buildings opening up their doors to the public (list below).

This created something of a problem for me, because I had to choose which ones I would go to. It was almost noon by the time I got into the city, and they close at 4 pm or earlier. The ones with tours take between 30 mins and an hour. And then there's walking time in between. OK...

So if I eliminate the ones that are too hard to get to, and the ones I've been in before or been somewhere similar. Looking at the remainder, I highlight particularly want to see e.g The ones I've walked past many times and wanted to go inside.

This gives me 3 "want to sees" in the actual city, and one I would really like to go to but it might be a bit hard to get to.

List chopped for length )

I ended up visiting 5.5 sites: all four on my "want" list and one I walked past to get to them (the Fine Furniture School). So were the other four? Now that would be telling. Come on, guess. If you've been paying attention, one or two should be obvious. I don't expect anyone to guess all 4.

(And the .5? Now that would be too much of a hint)


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