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Every time I go from home to the city centre, or the other way, I go over Kings Bridge or the overpass that runs beside it, so I have to look at this. Terrible, I know.


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So this is the former gatekeeper/caretaker's cottage at the entrance to the Cataract Gorge, when you walk in from Paterson St/Kings Bridge. I think this is the most interesting photo of the lot, so you might as well not bother with the rest.

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You're seen this before. Wait! No. you haven't. I haven't seen it quite like this.

Reading the Examiner today, it seems the Bureau of Met guys were expecting a 1 in 50 year flood (water levels were similar to that of a 1969 flood, until just before the city) which I guess explains the evacuation warnings, but then the Meander didn't flood so the flows in the South Esk had somewhere to go .

(See the South Esk starts up in the north east, curls around and comes in to the meet the Tamar from the west, so most of the rivers in the north/north east/northern Midlands flow into it, except the North Esk with flows straight into the Tamar just above that junction (and it is on the plain where the three rivers meet that our little city lies) So the rain from any and all of that area comes rushing down to this one point. The Meander comes in from the west, and it didn't rain as much out there.)


So here it our lovely river in all its spectacular, almost-50-year-flood level glory. Also rainbow water.

(Insert usual grumble about still photos reduced to web size not being worth putting up. Maybe you can imagine yourself as being equally reduced in size?)

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I went up to the Gorge to see if the South Esk was in flood, and it was. So I took photos. Strange, I know :)

It did occur to me that I only ever post photos of the Gorge when it's in flood but apparently not: usual summer view. Of course it is more interesting in all its swirling, crashing, booming glory, even in mid-January.


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You might remember this or similar photos from back in August.


This is how it looked yesterday:

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I was about to leave the Gorge yesterday, after taking some photos, when I saw this group heading in carrying a, not sure what it's called, kayak? They're not really intending to go into the flooded river are they?

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Wet & miserable day outside. Much more appropriate for posting about floods than yesterday's fine, sunny day.

Royal Park

I dropped into Royal Park on the way up to sister's place yesterday. I'd msged her earlier to see if there was any chance of getting a ride up to Trevallyn Dam to see it in flood. To get to the dam, you have to drive up through Trevallyn, and then right out along this road that goes through a forest reserve. Quite a way, I'm not sure of the distance but more than I wanted to walk. We arranged to go up there about 2. So I caught an earlier bus into the city and walked over to Royal Park to see if it was under water. As you can see above, it's quite above water. It often floods up to the base of the levees (the grey steps).

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There are a number of ways into the Cliff Grounds. The easiest, from the city, is the walkway up from Kings Bridge, along the side of the Gorge.

Photos from last time, for comparison.

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This peacock.


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Just some random photos from today. One day I'll get organised and look through the hundreds of others I have and pick out the better ones to put up. But being so many, it's a big job :|

Also, they're not always images that do well as small photos. They need to be poster sized photos! So shrink yourself down a bit...
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