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I wasn't sure about sharing photos from this exhibition. A lot of it is audio-visual, and much of its effectiveness comes from the placement of the elements within the space, and both of those get lost in photos. Against that, it might also be of interest to those who never/rarely get down to Hobart to actually see it.

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Another visit to TMAG (Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery). Upstairs this time.


This gallery didn't seem to have any unifying theme. The first couple of cabinets have art objects them in but then

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Day 1: Afternoon
Day 1: Evening

Some cool photos now. Or photos of cool things. Photos just can't capture something things. Things you probably haven't seen before, unless you were in Hobart recently, and even then there's a couple not many saw because they didn't go down to look.

Not many words tonight. It's mostly about looking.

Bond store

So we headed out to find the source of the blue beam, out on the Regatta Ground (on the edge of the city centre, just before the river). But on the way we passed the museum, where the Bond Store was open until 10 pm. So we went in, down to the basement to see what was hiding down there. You won't guess, unless you've seen it :)

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Trip report, for our trip to Hobart last week for an arts festival. It's just looking at art work and museum exhibits and stuff. Nothing interesting. Also very long, because I took lots of photos. So nothing here.

Museum - entrance

See, hotel room. Boring.

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