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I wasn't sure about sharing photos from this exhibition. A lot of it is audio-visual, and much of its effectiveness comes from the placement of the elements within the space, and both of those get lost in photos. Against that, it might also be of interest to those who never/rarely get down to Hobart to actually see it.


But then I thought, the part where you enter (on the left here) is mostly static so I can use some photos from there, and leave the rest for actual visiting.


'Parrawa, parrawa', they shouted.
'Go away you white buggers.
What business have you here?'
--John Sherwin, 1830

'The government must remove the natives...'
--Colonial Times, 3 December 1826


This is an exhibition about words. It is also an exhibition about war, but the story is presented mostly through words. Which is curious because usually when a museum display relies mostly on words I find it rather... dull. After all, what does museum offer that you can't get from any other source? Object. If I want words, I can go online or read a book. Objects should be the focus, and the words complement them. But in this exhibition, the words become the objects.


There are a small number of objects on display, mostly in the hall where you enter.


Stone tools and some artefacts from an archaeological dig at Risdon Cove (I think, I don't have the information label).


Glass tools. The blue glass from the prevous post comes from here. The glass bases became tradable goods which encouraged dialogue and agreements with isolated settlers and convict stockkeepers.


Into the audio-visual part now...


A printing press from the Colonial Times office stands beside changing quotes taken from the columns of the newspaper.


The rest will have to wait until you go and visit for youself. If you are in Hobart and you have a few minutes, it's worth sneaking over to TMAG's Bond Store for a look. Or longer, of course.


Although one last panel, because the article that quote comes from is interesting and if I put it here, I'm more likely to post whole article one day.

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