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Just adding a bit extra to the entries about Long Marsh Dam, the never completed, very abandoned dam and accompanying "settlement" in the middle of the bush that we visited in 2011.

There is a lonely bush grave, of a worker who was killed on site, Thomas Collins, aged 36. This is him. Looked him up to see if there was any (easy) way to find out who was working there, but if you ignore that rather large final entry, the only indication is a possible "L M" in the "Station of Gang" entry. The records of men on either side of him don't have this, so they weren't allocated on the basis of ship either. It might have been an interesting thing to follow up on :)


Jun. 11th, 2014 06:16 pm
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I need to post here more often.

The reasons for not doing so are not good. They might be valid, but they're not good.
The reason to do so*, is very good.

So, I need to post here more often.
Also, need new user icons.

*I like to go back and read them.
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The adult monkeys in City Park don't actually do a lot. Mostly they sit around and groom each other, the move to another spot and groom someone else. Occasionally they chase each other or swing on a rope or strip branches from a tree. So I was amused to catch this bit of action as I was leaving yesterday.


There was a baby monkey (who I'll refer to as "he" for clarity) sitting on a rock doing typical baby monkey things i.e. picking things up from the rock and seeing if they're edible, when an adult female came along.

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Some photos from Protest in the Park in Princes Square yesterday. I wasn't feeling particularly enthusiastic so there are just some signs and crowd shots from the back. But rally there was, and attend and take photos I did.


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A Tree

Jun. 1st, 2014 04:15 pm
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This is a tree in Princes Square with lovely branches. That is all :)


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So back in January, I said "Just outside Rosebery this is a dirt road that runs off the south. There are number of signs at the turn off that point to "Williamsford 6 km", "Car Park 6 km", Montezuma Falls." Then went on to show photos of the abandoned mineral extraction plant site just up the road a bit. After leaving there, well it was only five more kilometres to Williamsford so the sensible thing to do is go find it.


This area is a bit, well, uninhabited and has lots of trees. This photo and next one are taken from the car.

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At Bastyon Dam on Lake Rosebery, as best I can tell. There's a photo with a location sign taken five minutes later.



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Some photos from Brixhibition 2014, at Kings Meadows High School. Bigger and better than last year.

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A couple of entries from the diary I was transcribing (Mervyn Luck, a driver in the 3rd Field Artillery Brigade. 22 years old when he joined in August 1915.) The diary starts when he embarked in October 1914 through to June 1915. It's record of what he did he each day. Brief, to the point and not a lot of context.

Saturday 24 April
Left Lemnos for Dardunells at seven oc every body very excited in sight of land all day

Sunday 25 April
Got up at five about 30 war boats engaged all shooting 78 boats in sight getting our pontoon ready to land several wounded soldiers & sailors brought abord our boat 3 Bgde Infantry landed in morning about 700 casualtys areoplains flying over all day shoting ceased about dark We shifted our boat round the cape several Batterys of howitzers cant be loacated

Monday 26 April
War boats continue to shoot at six oc 1 Battery left our boat at 8 oc to land all the wounded taken off our boat to hospital ship Beautiful clear weather shooting continues until lights out
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Moon is both dark and bright. Camera doesn't like this.

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A Bit

Apr. 10th, 2014 07:40 pm
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Found a notebook with a half a page written on, and that's a bit from a story I don't recognise:

Agent Theron took the bag & swung the other onto shoulder.
"You're right with that?"
He shrugged his other shoulder.
"I'm sorry, Ma?on. We're not used to having a senior agent."
"Investigator" she said "and I would hope. We only come when have a problem."
He went quiet for a few minutes.
"Have you been before?"
"Yes." 15 years ago, when she was fresh out of the Academy.

It's a bit hard to read in places. Don't know what it's from. It's in green so probably recent but the box I took it out of has, amongst other stuff:

uni notes from 1992 (gifted & special children)
catalogue for dog show 1994 (bitchy's first show, she got Best Baby Puppy Group 2 (Terriers)
Souvenir Guide to the Penny Royal Windmill, printed 1978
National Trust newsletter 2010
lots of stuff from Adult Ed writing classes, early 1990s
Sydney Olympics souvenir newspaper, 2000
Envelope from Sanitarium with reprint postcards, 1988
letter from Sam (Raymond Terrace), early 1990s
brochures from Maldon & Bendigo, 2010
Launceston City Council Calendar, 2012
JRTCA Newsletter 1994
TAFE notes, 2011
early notes and drafts for stories I'm currently submitting

So it could have come from another time!


Mar. 25th, 2014 10:09 pm
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OK this is my coolest photo ever for this year. From the Weekly Courier (11/9/19)

Plane over Launceston

The Peace Loan aeroplane, previously introduced here, over Launceston.

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There's been much talk lately about the gendering of children's toys and the marketing thereof. I was idly curious about how much division of the sexes occurred in early toy advertising so I wandered over and looked for some ads from a hundred years ago (March 1914).

I searched in advertising with some key words (e.g. toys, dolls) and these are the first ads I came across for a toy shop or department (hence the number of regional publications). So no deliberate selection.

The Gundagai Independent and Pastoral, Agricultural & Mining Advocate

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Some photos from Tony Robinson’s Tour of Duty at the QVMAG today. The focus of this episode is war militaria & story.


Louise (Collectons Manager) & Andrew (Librarian) and the nurse painting of unknown origin.

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I think I'll write a murder mystery/police drama TV series:

Episode 1: A body is found in small town. Immediately afterwards every one in the town leaves because they know what happens next. Turns out to be have been a murder committed elsewhere but they just dumped the body there.

Episode 2: The body of a young man is found in the lake behind the hotel by a two kids fishing. No one knows who he is. Turns out to be a tourist who had too many drinks one night and mistook the jerry for a lakeside walkway.

Episode 3: New home owners digging in the garden of their new house find two bodies wrapped in sheets. Turn out to be canine.

Episode 4: The night after a bad storm an elderly woman is found dead at the bottom of the stairs and just outside the same town, a young woman is found dead in her car. Is there a connection? Turns out one fell down the stairs because the power was out during the storm and the other run off the road because she misjudged the corner in the rain.

Needs some more episodes, I think.
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Revisiting the west coat. In fact, revisiting a site that I posted photos for back in January because that is what we did, and we discovered the more interesting parts.


So this is the lookout that I showed last time. The area was the site of a processing plant operated by the Tasmanian Metal Extraction Company (TME) in 1913/1914. This lookout is just off the Williamsford Road, and gives you a view over the site, but there's no access down to it.

However, if you leave turn off the main path just before the lookout and go around to the right and then around to the left, you eventually end up on the area below the lookout.

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To Do List

Mar. 7th, 2014 03:09 pm
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Because it's a long weekend

  • At least two LJ posts*
  • Two posts on 432 pages**
  • Read some more of boring book from library
  • Make a start on Essay 1***
  • Read more of evil WIP, and try to finish
  • Glare at query for Seals

*One photos (TME II, Williamsford or non-bikes), one text
**Traction engine & something that's not new photos; consider encouraging sqrl involvement
***Start can mean copy a question to a Word doc and then save it in a relevant folder


Feb. 5th, 2014 07:23 pm
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This is Zeehan.


There is something that fascinates me about this town, ever since my first visit ten years ago. We'd come through Tullah, and stopped at Rosbery for some photos. Then we're driving along the main street of Zeehan, which is rather long, but not unlike the other towns with miners cottages and the occasional hotel or small shop, until we get to--

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Feb. 3rd, 2014 12:01 am
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We went to the beach today so I took some photos. They're only taken with the camera so they're nothing much but taken they were so here they are.


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Jan. 27th, 2014 06:00 pm
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This is Rosebery. It's story is that of every other mining town. Ore is discovered nearby, in this case gold and zinc, and a town is established.

Quite a township is springing up at the Rosebery. A commodious hotel, butcher's and baker's shops and store are already built. The population is 200.
The Mercury, 1897

Unlike many mining towns, Rosebery didn't have the boom/bust cycle. The current population now is 1000 people. In the middle of last century the population got up over 2000 but I don't think it ever got much either.


South west along the main street. (That's Agnes St.)

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