Apr. 25th, 2014

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A couple of entries from the diary I was transcribing (Mervyn Luck, a driver in the 3rd Field Artillery Brigade. 22 years old when he joined in August 1915.) The diary starts when he embarked in October 1914 through to June 1915. It's record of what he did he each day. Brief, to the point and not a lot of context.

Saturday 24 April
Left Lemnos for Dardunells at seven oc every body very excited in sight of land all day

Sunday 25 April
Got up at five about 30 war boats engaged all shooting 78 boats in sight getting our pontoon ready to land several wounded soldiers & sailors brought abord our boat 3 Bgde Infantry landed in morning about 700 casualtys areoplains flying over all day shoting ceased about dark We shifted our boat round the cape several Batterys of howitzers cant be loacated

Monday 26 April
War boats continue to shoot at six oc 1 Battery left our boat at 8 oc to land all the wounded taken off our boat to hospital ship Beautiful clear weather shooting continues until lights out


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