Mar. 10th, 2014

xenith: (Black Scales)
I think I'll write a murder mystery/police drama TV series:

Episode 1: A body is found in small town. Immediately afterwards every one in the town leaves because they know what happens next. Turns out to be have been a murder committed elsewhere but they just dumped the body there.

Episode 2: The body of a young man is found in the lake behind the hotel by a two kids fishing. No one knows who he is. Turns out to be a tourist who had too many drinks one night and mistook the jerry for a lakeside walkway.

Episode 3: New home owners digging in the garden of their new house find two bodies wrapped in sheets. Turn out to be canine.

Episode 4: The night after a bad storm an elderly woman is found dead at the bottom of the stairs and just outside the same town, a young woman is found dead in her car. Is there a connection? Turns out one fell down the stairs because the power was out during the storm and the other run off the road because she misjudged the corner in the rain.

Needs some more episodes, I think.


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