Apr. 10th, 2014

A Bit

Apr. 10th, 2014 07:40 pm
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Found a notebook with a half a page written on, and that's a bit from a story I don't recognise:

Agent Theron took the bag & swung the other onto shoulder.
"You're right with that?"
He shrugged his other shoulder.
"I'm sorry, Ma?on. We're not used to having a senior agent."
"Investigator" she said "and I would hope. We only come when have a problem."
He went quiet for a few minutes.
"Have you been before?"
"Yes." 15 years ago, when she was fresh out of the Academy.

It's a bit hard to read in places. Don't know what it's from. It's in green so probably recent but the box I took it out of has, amongst other stuff:

uni notes from 1992 (gifted & special children)
catalogue for dog show 1994 (bitchy's first show, she got Best Baby Puppy Group 2 (Terriers)
Souvenir Guide to the Penny Royal Windmill, printed 1978
National Trust newsletter 2010
lots of stuff from Adult Ed writing classes, early 1990s
Sydney Olympics souvenir newspaper, 2000
Envelope from Sanitarium with reprint postcards, 1988
letter from Sam (Raymond Terrace), early 1990s
brochures from Maldon & Bendigo, 2010
Launceston City Council Calendar, 2012
JRTCA Newsletter 1994
TAFE notes, 2011
early notes and drafts for stories I'm currently submitting

So it could have come from another time!


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