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OK I will do the cemetery. That way I can spend some time sorting and editing next batch of photos and now have to worry about getting them up tonight.

You can read or not, as you wish. (Although there might, or might not, be a reference back n later posts, depending on what I decided to show/writer about.) (Also, there might be a test at a the end.) As usual, I've included extracts from the Wangaratta Cemetery Self-guided Tour Brochure in italics.


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This is Tullah Pioneer Cemetery...


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This is Cornelian Bay Cemetery in Hobart. I went up there last year, January it seems, so I'm a bit slow... Anyway, I went up to take a photo of the French flag.


Doesn't every Australian cemetery of any size have a French flag? More about the flag later.

There are other interesting things in here, so I took photos of some of them too so you can have a look.

As usual, italics are used for transcriptions of information provided at the site.

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(Sections in italics are from the Parks and Wildlife Service's information leaflet. Any comments I've added to these are in square brackets.)

So around and up the hill. The first stop is the brick barn.

Photo 18

This building was constructed [in 1846] by convicts using bricks made from clay puddled with sea water. Look at the way some of the bricks are disintegrating. The salts from the water have crystallised and weakened the bricks.

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By my reckoning, if I leave at 7.30 and it takes half an hour to walk over to the cemetery and half an hour back, then I'll still have plenty of time for breakfast and I can leave for the bus at 9.

Spot the flaw in this plan.

Burning Towers

No, it's not that it's still dark this early. (The photos are showing dark on this monitor. They show fine on my home computer so I forget that they are actually dark. I hope that hasn't been a problem.)

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Catholic cemetery from church, showing the old section -- there, up on the hill. The camera doesn't capture the oddness that well.


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I think St David's Park is easily the most interesting cemetery I visit regularly. Not that it's a cemetery now, because most of the headstones were removed and placed in walls.


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A side trip, to the hill behind the older part of town.

Through a gate

Penalty For Not Closing Gates 10

Penalty For Not Closing Gates ?10
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