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Beechworth, in north-east Victoria, but I've been here before in 2009 so this is just a sort of overview of the town post, and then some bits and pieces later as I feel like it.


Looking at the older post, reminds that on the first time I came here I was asked "Why go there?" and this time it was "Why go there again?" Same answer, of course: because it's there. But also, I keep visiting places and having a quick look around and thinking "One day I'll have to come back and have a proper look about". So the more I travel, the longer my list of places still to visit becomes. Silly :)

In 2009, I stayed 2 night in Beechworth but left first thing in the morning, with a 2 hour stop over in Benalla on the way back to Melbourne. So I wanted to spend a bit more time in both, and I also included two other places just seen from the coach window (there were no trains running in 2009) to make sure there was enough to make the trip worthwhile. Four nights. Four towns.

(It did occur to me in the days beforehand that maybe I should have made the trip longer, but by the time I got to the end, four days was quite enough thanks. One of these days I'll go on a trip that involves lots of sitting around and relaxing. Really.)

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By my reckoning, if I leave at 7.30 and it takes half an hour to walk over to the cemetery and half an hour back, then I'll still have plenty of time for breakfast and I can leave for the bus at 9.

Spot the flaw in this plan.

Burning Towers

No, it's not that it's still dark this early. (The photos are showing dark on this monitor. They show fine on my home computer so I forget that they are actually dark. I hope that hasn't been a problem.)

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Part I

Town Hall

The morning tour was the Ned Kelly Tour, which I would have preferred in the afternoon, having had enough of the that the day before and at the courthouse. But such is life I'm tough, I can handle it. There's a whole three people in the group, not counting the guide, and for our first stop he takes us down behind the town hall.

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Corner from under verandah

On the eighth day of August, in the year 69
On a lovely spring morning, the weather being fine
A bolter from Pentridge, Jack Power by name
An aspirant for the gallows, to Beechworth he came

Well armed, well mounted, the troops for his foes
To a scrub for concealment the highway man goes
From Beechworth to the Buckland and on the highway
Run Cobb & Co's coaches by night and by day

From Bushranger Jack Power

Why go to Beechworth?

Because it's there.

Seriously :) When I was planning my Melbourne trip, I had a vague idea for an overnight side trip. While I was looking into buses and accommodation this website for old gold town came up. It looked like an interesting place, if I ever got up that way with a car. My plans weren't working out, but then it occurred to me I could make it longer and add on a trip to somewhere else. So I pulled out a map, but Beechworth is off the highway a way so it was probably hard to get to. I checked timetables and, no, there were regular services and the times looked good, so I pulled out Excel and started working out an itinerary that seemed like it might actually work. It did mean my two days in Melbourne would be on the weekend though. Of course, if I'd realised the amount of ringing up I'd have to do to arrange all this, I wouldn't have got started. Fortunately, I didn't.

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Somewhere in the early hours of the morning, a train woke me up. Although I tried to go back to the sleep, I didn't seem to be about to sleep for more than 10 or 20 minutes at a time, or the clock was broken. At 5.30 am I gave up and went for a walk.


Not that there was much to see at that time of the morning :)

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