Sep. 6th, 2014


Sep. 6th, 2014 08:45 pm
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Beechworth, in north-east Victoria, but I've been here before in 2009 so this is just a sort of overview of the town post, and then some bits and pieces later as I feel like it.


Looking at the older post, reminds that on the first time I came here I was asked "Why go there?" and this time it was "Why go there again?" Same answer, of course: because it's there. But also, I keep visiting places and having a quick look around and thinking "One day I'll have to come back and have a proper look about". So the more I travel, the longer my list of places still to visit becomes. Silly :)

In 2009, I stayed 2 night in Beechworth but left first thing in the morning, with a 2 hour stop over in Benalla on the way back to Melbourne. So I wanted to spend a bit more time in both, and I also included two other places just seen from the coach window (there were no trains running in 2009) to make sure there was enough to make the trip worthwhile. Four nights. Four towns.

(It did occur to me in the days beforehand that maybe I should have made the trip longer, but by the time I got to the end, four days was quite enough thanks. One of these days I'll go on a trip that involves lots of sitting around and relaxing. Really.)

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