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Today I went to the Scale Model Expo and took some photos! But as it was inside, most of the photos are not very good :( These are the better ones, and Troy's planes are at the end.

This is Really Big. The info sheet there doesn't have the dimensions but it says it's all metal and over 200 kg.

I want one of these.

Or this one. I'm not that fussy :)

Upstairs were some large dioramas and the prize winners from each category.

And a Lego railway. (There's a camera crew filming some celebrities.)

Some prize winners.

First in Junior Diorama.

This one rotates!

These next few photos are from the Miniature Enthusiasts of Tasmania table. This chess set is tiny. The pieces are about finger sized or smaller, and it's not obvious they are knitted. They look more like they're sewn.

Blacksmith, in a room box. Camera didn't like :(

It didn't like this saddlery either. All the object are handmade (not bought ready made).

Took many attempts to get a usable photo of this. Tiny and sparkly. Depending on your resolution, that photo might be bigger than the real thing.

A scene on a peg!

These resulted from a club challenge to do a toilet scene, and as with the other displays, all the bits are handmade.

This one was outside (should be more of that). It had moving parts and a railway at the other end.

These are Troy's planes, showing the development from 1914 onwards, but camera really didn't want to cooperate.

Camera worked better from the back. Silly thing.


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