Jan. 13th, 2014

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One of the quotes from yesterday's post was curious and I wanted to follow up on it, but that means looking at the Ross and Campbell Bridges first.


This is the Ross Bridge, finished in 1836, a good ten years after Richmond's bridge. I was just going to post one photo of with a link to photos I've shared before. But then I was looking for some informationon the previous bridge and came across a document entitled Nomination for an National Engineering Landmark Revisited by The Engineering Heritage Tasmania Engineers Australia July 2006 (PDF) which has a curious bit in it about the carvings. I'll include that bit here.


The initiative to provide each of the arch stones with a deep relief carving originated with Daniel Herbert. It is most striking that, in amongst all the voluminous correspondence concerning this bridge, between the Lieutenant-Governor, the Colonial Architect/Engineer, the Superintendent of Convicts, the Inspector of Public Works, local settlers and the Superintendent of Ross, there is not any mention of these carvings. Herbert must have gained prior permission from Capt. Turner to sculpt these stones, and this permission must have been granted, at least verbally.

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