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Last night we went to a trivia fundraising event, and it was a bit... odd.

Not the trivia event itself. I'd been to the same event last year and it was much the same. Eight rounds of 10 or 20 questions. Each team is given a paper with the questions on it and ~five minutes to write down their answers. They can buy an answer ($2) or clue ($1) each round. Usual sort of thing.

The first round was easy, a sort of warm up round, with facts and figures. (e.g. How many days in June? How many S's are there in the name of the world's longest river? Fred collects cigarettes ends to make into cigarettes for himself. 7 ends will make one cigarette. He has 49 ends. How many cigarettes can he make?) We got 10/10. As did most of the other teams.

Second round was names of women who have won Olympic gold medals, scrambled. Also not that hard for the most part, and we got 20/20. As did three of the other teams.

Third found, badly copied photos of people to identify. A bit harder, but we got 10/10. As did, um, no other teams.

Fourth round was Tasmania. Bit harder. (e.g How many columns outside the town hall? When did women get the vote? What were the names of Tasman's ships?) But 20/20 again.

Really. Quite odd.

I kept going up to the check the scoreboard at the front of the room, and each time, there was the perfect score. Not something that is likely to happen again -- you need just the right combination of topics & team members -- but fun.

(Round 6 we finally got two wrong (What is the name of the white semi-circle thing at the base of the the fingernails?) and also in the final round; but we'd obviously won by then.)
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