Jan. 25th, 2014

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This is Tullah. One part old mining town, two parts former Hydro village. From the north, it's the first town you encounter after a long time of nothing (no towns, no houses, no mobile signal). From the south, it's the last town before a long stretch of nothing.

The potted history on the archived Online Access Centre web site says...

Tullah was established as a small mining settlement in 1900 following the discovery of silver lead ore in 1897 by Josiah Innes and party. Original access was by foot and packhorse until the Mt Farrell Tramway was completed in March 1909. In 1924 the Wee Georgie Wood steam railway linked the town to the Emu Bay railway and this continued until 1964 when the Murchison Highway was completed.

The Hydro Electric Commission commenced construction of the Pieman River Power Development in 1973. At the peak of construction the population of Tullah reached 2500. Construction was completed in 1985 but Tullah remained the construction base for the King River and Anthony Power Developments until their completion in 1994.


The two parts of the township are, as you'll see, quite separate in both atmosphere and location, so I'll give each one its own post. That way I can use more photos and gets posts for one lot of work.

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